About us

Furniture factory LisMaster was founded in 2006. Prior to the company’s foundation, significant investment was made into production lines, technologies and human resources. Already in the foundation year FF LisMaster signed its first contract with the world’s furniture leader Swedish IKEA. For the five following years FF LisMaster was one of the few IKEA’s suppliers in Ukraine. All FF LisMaster’s products were exported, mainly, to the Western Europe.
Today, FF LisMaster manufactures wooden kitchen cabinets, dining tables and chairs. The main distinctive feature of the production is its full cycle: from timber logging to a ready-to-use product. The full cycle of production and quality assurance from the manufacturer, along with the efficient marketing strategy and wide dealer network, allows FF LisMaster to compete with the most titled Ukrainian and foreign furniture manufactures.
From its foundation FF LisMaster participated in all furniture fairs in Ukraine. In 2014, the new kitchen PREMIERA got a prestigious diploma from the KIFF’2014 in Kyiv. In 2015, the new kitchen FORESTA won the first place in the competition for the best kitchen furniture "Kitchen 2015".